Select single or mixed platters from our selection of hot or cold canapes to be served through your function. 

Hot Platters

Spring Rolls (25)
hand rolled w/ sweet chilli sauce (V,VG)
Sausage Rolls (25)
w/ tomato sauce
Buffalo Chicken Wings (25)
w/ ranch sauce
Gourmet Mini Beef Pies (25)
w/ tomato sauce
Veggie Empanadas (20)
w/ salsa verde (V, VG)
Veggie Samosas (20)
w/ Sriracha mayo (V)
Creamy Cauliflower Croquettes (20)
w/ caramelized onion (V)
Prawn Twisters (20)
w/ sweet chilli sauce
Roasted Veggie Skewers (20)
w/ mint yogurt (GF, V, VGO)
Mini Beef Burgers (15)
w/ Swiss cheese, pickles & yum yum sauce
Mini Chipotle Chicken Tacos (15)
w/ guacamole & salsa verde (GFO)
Mini Veggie Tacos (15)
w/ guacamole & salsa verde (GFO, V)
Lamb Skewers (15)
w/ mint yogurt
Lemon Pepper Calamari Mini Boxes (15)
w/ aioli

Cold Platters

Selection of Sushi Rolls (25)
w/ soy sauce (GFO, VO, VGO)
Caprese Skewers (20)
mozzarella, cherry tomato & basil w/ balsamic glaze (GF, V)
Tomato Basil Bruschetta (20)
w/ red onion, feta & balsamic glaze (V)
Salmon Gravlax Blini (15)
w/ cream cheese
Chicken Escabeche Sliders (15)
w/ aioli & herbs

The platters are @ $75 per platter.  

Dietary Index
GF - Gluten Free, GFO - Gloten Free Option Available, V - Vegetarian, VO - Vegetarian Option Available, VG - Vegan, VGO - Vegan Option Available 

Special requirements can be catered for individually. 

Charcuterie & Cheese Board

Nibble on great selection of cheeses and cold meats w/ all the accents & spreads for $250 (small)/$500 (medium)/$750 (large).